Top Three Code Analysis Plugins For Eclipse

The power of Eclipse as an IDE comes to fruition through its plethora of customization options. It helps build a coding environment one can maximize to his/her advantage.

For those wanting to take the next step and use this tool to leverage results, it’s time to assess the top-tier code analysis plugins for Eclipse.

The options will vary, but a few will stand out in a matter of seconds after they’re put to use. Whether it’s code generation or template-based reverse engineering, these plugins will prove to play a positive hand in the project.

Let’s take a look at these essential plugins and why they’re well-regarded.

1) EclEmma

This is an appreciate code analysis plugin for Eclipse. It’s ideal for those who can start to slip with their TDD discipline. Those minor errors can play a frustrating role in the overall code, and it’s better to use this plugin as a safety net.

The reason Code Coverage is appreciated by professionals involves its simplicity and quality. If the code isn’t being put to the test, it is not going to hold up over time. With this plugin, it becomes easier to manage the code from top to bottom and know silly errors haven’t been made.

How is it simple to use?

The premise behind this plugin is straightforward. Once the code has been setup, it’s time to press “Coverage Mode” and let the plugin do its job. Once the plugin starts racing through the code, it will analyze errors and use red to highlight what’s incorrect.

This enables one to make “on the go” changes and continue to work on the code. Many professionals are now keeping this plugin handy because it continues to do an excellent job and will eliminate mistakes a person tends to make during a longer project.

2) EclipseMetrics

The term “code smell” is used to describe a symptom in one’s programming code. It starts to appear and is often a symptom of something worse.

In the world of Eclipse, it’s important to be aware of this smell before it is left alone. The perfect code is going to connect seamlessly and won’t have holes in it. This can come to fruition due to oversight or laziness depending on how long the project is.

What does EclipseMetrics do for you?

It is designed to run through the code in seconds and assess whether such symptoms are present and why they’re present. It enables a person to run through the code again and see if simple oversights have been made.

If the classes are not organized, or the methods end up being overly complicated, it’s best to use EclipseMetrics. It will send warnings as soon as it sees the mistake and will point it out. When these warnings come up, you’re not left scratching your head as to what is going on and why you’re not able to see it.

The endless struggle is going to come to any end with this code analysis plugin.

3) JDepend4Eclipse

This is the last plugin in the top three code analysis plugins for Eclipse.

The power of this plugin comes from its ability to analyze in detail. Circular dependencies are a nemesis for many with their code, and it’s best to avoid getting frustrated. Instead, letting this plugin run and take a look at the code is a better idea.

It is going to assess what is going on and how it has to be stopped.

Those circular dependencies will be spotted, and you’ll know where to look. The problem with most dependencies is the fact they’re hard to notice. JDepend4Eclipse is similar to putting on your glasses if you have poor eyesight. It clarifies everything in seconds.

A person running a simple project might think this is a waste, but those who are putting together a massive project will know how important it can be to get these things organized. If those circular dependencies show up, you’re going to have a torrid time figuring out what has gone on.

JDepend4Eclipse is the ultimate plugin for this requirement and is going to bring about a positive change for your experience with Eclipse. It illuminates issues in your code within minutes.

These are the top three code analysis plugins for Eclipse and will be the perfect addition to your arsenal. Even the best require assistance and having these world-class plugins by your side is going to enhance things and help elevate your quality.

All of these plugins are well-regarded in the community and continue to do an excellent job for users. Those who are tired of making silly mistakes and going on endless searches to see what’s wrong will know the power of these plugins and what they have to offer.

Get these as soon as you can.